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The UK aerospace industry is currently enjoying a period of substantial funding, with several programmes open to encourage innovation and collaboration between prime contractors and suppliers. S & C Thermofluids is currently working with Bombardier Aerospace and other partners to develop ultra-high bypass ratio nacelles for next generation aircraft, in a project funded by the Aerospace Growth Partnership.

S & C does not only provide its own test facilities for aerothermal systems, but also has the CFD capability to support the design of test cells. IAC Acoustics have previously commissioned both internal and external studies into their hush houses and chambers.

Space is an important sector of the civil aerospace industry, and S & C Thermofluids' CFD and experimental capabilities make it ideally suited to space related design activities.

The company has developed a chemical reaction prediction capability for use with a general purpose CFD package. This system is primarily intended for use in the prediction of rocket motor nozzles and plume flowfields. The software is used to study nozzle performance and heat transfer, plume structure, aerothermal loads arising from impingement, thrust vectoring and exhaust deflection, and ejector arrangements. (Plumes)

The company has developed techniques for the prediction of aerothermal loads associated with aerospace vehicles. The techniques allow the specification of complex 3D shapes such as that shown and the prediction of the high speed flow and kinetic heating that occurs over the vehicle.

The company’s 20 year experience with general purpose CFD software has gained it expertise in conjugate heat transfer prediction. The ability exists to model the combination of convection, conduction and radiation heat transfer typically found in satellites and other space vehicles. A particular project has involved the prediction of the effects of solar load on a structure.

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