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Medical Industry

S & C Thermofluids received a CDE grant to investigate improving the mixing efficiency of vapour-based inhalers, in order to introduce the drug more effectively into the patient. The results of the work displayed an interesting use of the Coanda effect within the inhaler system. The initial remit for the project can be found here - if you would like more information on the results please contact Tony Smith.

Other medical problems which display interesting fluid dynamics include blood flow within systems, artificial organ design, cell-fluid interfaces, nose and sinus flows, life support systems and joint lubrication.

Food and Drink

There are numerous applications of computational fluid dynamics within the food and drink industry, including processing systems, nitrogen freezing techniques and production lines. S & C Thermofluids has undertaken work for Cadbury Schweppes on the fluid flow of melted chocolate as a non-Newtonian fluid, and for QueZero to design a novel beer dispensing system. As with all S & C's work, the computational predictions can be verified experimentally at one of two UK-based test sites.

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