Combustor rig

There is often the requirement to vary the temperature of the exhaust flow independently of the engine rig. The combustor rig consists of a separate Gnome combustion can to receive the flow from the compressor of the turboshaft rigs, fuel injection and ignition. An increase in fuel allows a hotter exhaust temperature but this is decoupled from the pressure of the flow (which is still controlled by the turboshaft).

This combustor rig can also be mounted within the plenum chamber of our large scale Flight Stream, allowing simulated dynamic measurements up to Mach 0.3 for scaled testing.


  • Up to 4kg/s mass flow (turboshaft 1200 loading compressor)
  • Max NPR of 5:1
  • Kerosene fuel
  • Temperature variable - nominal 750ºC maximum
  • Multiple valve system including automated dump valve keeps compressor on running line


  • creating a core flow to be mixed with specified bypass
  • ideal conditions for materials testing - thermal soak and shockwave resistance
  • testing of ignitor systems
  • nozzle thrust measurement - axial and pitch (or yaw if nozzle turned through 90 degrees)

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