Flight Stream Rig

The flight stream rig allows a simulation of propulsion systems under dynamic testing. The system uses the compressed air flow from the Gnome turboshaft rigs, which is fed through a twin ejector system to entrain large amounts of ambient air. This is settled in a large plenum chamber before it exits via a nozzle which comprises the working section. This nozzle can be shaped to suit the application.


  • Flight simulation up to M=0.3, sea level
  • Free stream flow up to 30ºC
  • Hot exhaust flow up to NPR= 5:1, T= 750ºC (using combustor rig)
  • Two axis thrust measurement
  • Typical scale 1:5 (for fixed wing aircraft)


  • Investigation of plume structure in static and dynamic conditions
  • Aerodynamic testing such as plume trajectory
  • Dynamic testing for specific geometries such as nacelle systems

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