Engine Test Facilities

S & C Thermofluids operate two test sites in the West of England dedicated to fluid flow research for aerospace applications. These sites have been designed to offer low cost propulsion research capability at large scale.

Our engine rigs are all mobile within the test houses, allowing a significant level of flexibility in the test arrangement to provide appropriate flows to meet requirements. The facilities then provide key infrastructure elements to ensure that the tests can be suitably supported and protected.


  • Intake system provides a large mass flow of ambient air into the test cell
  • Detuner provides noise suppression and turns the exhaust flow through 90 degrees
  • Engine mounting frame can support weights of up to 4000kg
  • 250 kVA generator
  • Resin floor to minimise FOD also provides bolting locations for test articles
  • 4200L Jet A1 fuel tank for continuous operation
  • Control cabin provides a suitable environment for personnel during engine runs

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