Advances in hydrogen combustion testing

S & C Thermofluids tests Reaction Engines' pre-burner at the KETL

Since 2019, S&C Thermofluids has been developing and improving its existing hydrogen combustion system. Gaseous hydrogen can now be supplied from a multi-cylinder hydrogen pack, controlled by a fully automated PLC to regulate the mass flow (up to 0.03kg/s at 20bar) and include all the necessary purge and safety features. This capability is installed close to our existing gas turbine test facility, with a dedicated test shelter and control cabin. The site also includes an S&C turboshaft engine rig to deliver compressed air flow for simulating a range of engine systems.

The hydrogen site has been used extensively by Reaction Engines Ltd for testing their novel pre-burner. The Integrated Preburner System provides heat energy to SABRE (Synthetic Air Breathing Rocket Engine) at take-off and early flight. Testing has progressed in three phases, and Reaction Engines has documented the success of the programme here:

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3

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