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New in 2016 is a small scale testing laboratory and workshop housed next door to S & C's Head Office at Kelston. This capability has been developed to provide a very cost-effective route for bench testing of small scale items. The facility benefits from S & C staff permanently on site to run tests but it can also be operated by customers if requested.

The installed capabilities are as follows:

  • 100 cubic foot compressed air tank - 10 bar
  • Capable of 24 g/sec continuous flow
  • Air can be heated to 600ºC using 4kW or 6kW power supply
  • Furnaces can supply additional heat to 1000ºC
  • 13kW capacity chiller

The site also benefits from:

  • Roller shutter access
  • Ceiling height in test area approx 5m
  • Full data acquisition system
  • HD and IR imagery
  • Orifice meters
  • A fully installed workbench

The facility has already been utilised by HiETA Technologies Ltd, Rolls-Royce and the University of Bath for a range of projects including:

  • Novel heat exchanger design testing
  • Oil bearing systems investigation
  • Regenerative carbon scrubbers in conjunction with a breathing simulator - capable of providing CO2 enriched air flows at a controllable breathing rate and capacity.

The Beck Lab is named in remembrance of Clifford Beck, who was a vendor of Coanda Air Mover devices for many years and was instrumental to the success of S & C Thermofluids as the company was starting up.

Please use the Contact Us page to arrange a visit to The Beck Lab.

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